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Allenamento per l'acufene

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The program consists of personalized sound exercises, with causal stimuli to ensure that the training is every day, and for the entire duration of the training, always different.

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TinniBrain APP per l'acufene

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TINNIBRAIN® is an innovative personalized app for tinnitus support developed on the knowledge of Conditional Acoustic Neuromodulation.

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Sordità monolaterale o asimmetrica e acufeni: approcci riabilitativi

Individuals with unilateral or asymmetric hearing loss are subjects who have one ear with normal hearing sensitivity or with mild hearing loss and the other with permanent medium or severe sensorineural hearing loss

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The use of sound and music as a therapeutic medium has very ancient origins that are rooted in the culture and tradition of primitive populations.

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Soon in the stores it will be possible to download our new APP TINNIBRAIN. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

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Our professionals can provide you with information and news on tinnitus. Always contact your doctor or specialist for any doubt and / or clarification.

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What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus also called tinnitus or "tinnitus" is a symptom, not a disease, defined as a sensation of sound perceived in one or both ears or, more generally, inside the head, not supported by external sound sources and caused from activities of the auditory system or from alteration of the sound processing mechanisms.

I suffer from tinnitus, what should I do?

In the presence of tinnitus it is essential to carry out a specialist visit in order to obtain a correct diagnostic framework and consequent therapy. The specialist examination, at the exclusive judgment of the doctor, may be followed by a series of clinical and instrumental analyzes necessary for a correct classification of the symptom. The diagnostic process can be completed by radiological investigations (e.g. CT and MRI) aimed at completing the diagnosis and excluding related pathologies.

In what percentage is tinnitus present among the population?

A systematic review of the epidemiological data reports that tinnitus affects about 10% of the general population, rare in children, with a greater representation in the age range between 40 and 70 and a greater frequency in the male sex than in the female one (3 /2). Although most of the affected subjects tend to "live" with the symptom and not to seek medical help, about 1-2% of the subjects affected have a certain impact on the quality of life, manifesting debilitating disorders such as insomnia, lack of concentration, tension and, in the most extreme cases, anxiety and depression.

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